Silver and gold leaf, glass beads, mica, glitter, and oil on canvas 56×56”, 2017
Thank you Artcritical for featuring me on THE LIST! Hope to see you all tonight for the opening at David & Schweitzer in Brooklyn.
Rosalind Tallmadge
April 14 to May 07
56 Bogart Street
(347) 829-6277

A first sighting of the subtly voluptuous, shimmering surfaces of multimedia painter Rosalind Tallmadge might recall the perversity of Warhol’s piss paintings or the metallic mischief of Rudolf Stingel, but linger with these sumptuously abstract cloud bursts of texture and tone and one discovers their sources of inspiration to be more divergent: Abstract Expressionism and feminist deconstruction of the beauty industry. Layered intuitively from cosmetics and cosmetic-like materials, “Rust” scans like an unlikely collaboration of Milton Resnick and Marilyn Minter. DAVID COHEN